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  SFH BUSSINISS DEPARTMENT is a corp who specialized in the import and export of wickerwork. futai has abundant source of wicker,all of our products adopts high toughness、 high whiteness and pure savageness plant material. Our products has variety of designs and colors,it's wear well、arts and crafts
polishly、also luster smoothly,it can be looked as a green and show originality art. Our products fearfully has count for enjoying art,another side it has applied value in living,

because it the first choose for modern homelive culture's construction.It's sanitation standard achieve a higher level on the world,so it become a leading of top grade consume with wickerwork.
  SFH BUSINESS DEPARTMENT's main products nclude:gift

ibasket、bread basket、picnic basket、fruit basket、flower basket、craft bag、handbag、vanity、all kinds of tray、basin and homelive commodity.welcome to choosing and buying.

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